Sunday, September 1, 2013


We finally had a p-day with nothing to do, so we put on our jeans and went for a walk! We ended up at the Cascades.  It is a museum built on a hillside.  There are steps on both sides with about 6 different levels. We started up at the top and went inside.
The top level is all about the crystals.  They were hanging in nets all around.

 We took the escalator down to the next level.  Here you can see the levels going down.
On this level we got in an elevator that took us down to a small museum that had modern paintings by an Armenian Artist.  We took the elevator back up. 
We stepped out a side door to find some water falls, ponds and beautiful artwork.  Each level has this type of garden setting.
We continued to the bottom, stopping at each level to check out the different artworks inside and outside.  It ended with a long park with lots of fun statues and artwork.  It was a hot day so we did have to try the ice cream cones!  On the way home we had just crossed a busy intersection when we heard a loud crash - a taxi had hit a van.  No one was hurt - but they drive crazy here!!!



Sunday, August 25, 2013

Peach Jam

One thing we really love about Yerevan is all the fruit & veggie stands.  You can get organic fresh fruits and vegetables in their season at fabulous prices.  A couple of weeks ago I made some apricot jam - but only got a picture of the end product. (I also put in the nut from the seed of the apricot!)
It was YUMMY!
So several weeks later peaches hit there best time and we were able to buy peaches for about 25 cents a pound.  This time we took some pictures of the process.  E. Reese peals the peaches and I cut them up really small.  Then I add 2 cups of sugar and let it sit for half an hour.  Next I let it boil for almost 2 hours.
Here I am stirring it.

Next I put it in the jar that has been washed and boiled.  I wipe the jar clean.

Take the picture quick - this jar is REALLY HOT!!!  The lids are not the sealing kind, so we are storing the jam in the fridge.  We think it will last through the winter - it tastes really good on Elder Reese's Saturday morning pancakes!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

saying Good-bye

President and Sister Carter have been serving in Armenia for 3 years.  They were the Mission President and wife for us when we came to serve in Georgia almost 2 and a half years ago.  We have spent many hours with them over those years!  We have a great deal of love and respect for them.  We have lots of great memories of them.  On Sunday, June 30, we walked down to their home for a last good-bye.  We will really miss them!!!

Yerevan Armenia STAKE!!!

June 16th was an important day for Armenia.  Elder Nelson came to Yerevan and a new Stake was organized.  Many people have been working hard to make this happen.  It is amazing and we are so happy to have been here for this historic event.  The District Conference was held at the Marriott Hotel.  Elder & Sister Nelson, President & Sister Malm and President and Sister Carter were there as they made it a Stake Conference!  It was very exciting.  They also formed 5 wards and sustained Bishoprics for them.  Another milestone was that a Stake Patriarch was called. 
This was the choir practicing beforehand.  During his talk Elder Nelson asked all the children to stand.  Then he asked if they would sing him a song.  They were so excited and they all hurried up to stand in front of the choir.  Elder Nelson and his wife came down in the audience to see them and they stood right next to me.  The kids sang I Am a Child of God - it was very touching.

This picture was taken from the front before the meeting.  I sat in that empty chair 3 rows back on the isle there on the left.  It was the perfect seat and I had a great view of the stand.  It was fun to watch Elder and Sister Nelson as they looked out at the audience.

Elder Reese was in charge of the translation equipment.  He sat in the back and handed them out.
After the conference the missionaries had a fun lunch at the church building close by.  Then we came back to the Marriott and met with Elder Nelson in a smaller room.  We all got to shake hands with him and his wife, Pres. Malm and his wife and Pres. Carter and his wife.  They each them spoke to us and we ended with Elder Nelson conducting a question and answer session.  What a sweet experience to be taught by an Apostle of the Lord.
Front row is the new Stake Presidency, back row Pres. Carter, Pres. Malm, Elder Nelson and Elder Manasiyan.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The View

This is the view from our bedroom balcony.  That is Mt. Ararat in the background.  It is the Mountain where Noah landed after the flood.  It use to be in Armenia, but is now just over the boarder in Turkey - just one of the reasons Armenia does not get along with Turkey!
Notice the grey splotch over the smaller mountain - it is not a cloud - it is the reason we bought a new camera!
I love the flowers that are on our walk to the office.  The wisteria reminds me of my mom!!
The Iris are just like the ones outside our window when we were living at Russ' home.

And of course - how could I not take a picture of the RED window display!!!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Office

Everyday we take the 7 minute walk from our comfortable apartment to our office.  It is in this building that is owned by the church.  Inside are the Mission Offices, the District Offices and upstairs is the Arabkir Branch.
This is the Foyer to our Mission Offices.
 Elder Reese has a large desk.  Lots of things get left on it!  He is the 'go to guy' for everything here.
 He is responsible for the keys to everything!  On the right is the white board with pictures of every missionary and where they are serving.
 He is also responsible for all the mission money - makes him a very popular guy!

This is the reception side of my office - very tastefully decorated and comfortable.  The door behind me is to the Presidents office.  He conducts many interviews there.
 And this is where the work is done.  My computer skills have increased greatly - but it still takes me along time to get things done!
We leave the house everyday at 9:00.  We try to leave the office at 5 - but we rarely make it.  We also come most Saturdays to help with baptisms that are held here.  We go to the International Group on Sundays which is held upstairs.  So you see, we are here everyday of the week!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


In April of 1915 the Ottoman Government began the genocide of the Armenians living in their empire.  Over the next few years over one and a half million Armenians died, the few remaining were scattered to many different countries.  Every year on April 24th the Armenians remember those who died.  We arrived in Armenia on April 25th and went to the memorial that afternoon.
It is a long walk up to the leaning pillars.

Each person who comes to remember brings flowers to place around the eternal flame.  We were amazed at the amount of flowers.
 Many come to pay tribute to those who died.
There are many youth groups who take the petals off of the flowers and then spread them out to dry.  Then they use the petals in their handmade paper.  The paper is put into beautiful books that are set out for the visitors to write there thoughts about visiting the memorial.

 Visiting the Armenian Genocide Memorial was a good way to start our mission.  It reminds us of the hardships that the people have gone through and their resilient spirit.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Welcome to our new apartment

These are the 3 flights of stairs that bring you here to our front door - and help keep us in shape!  You are looking into our entry hall and through to our family room.
The family room has a BIG couch - lots of room for visitors!  Beyond the couch is our study.  It has a table for both computers, an exercise bike and a piano. (YEAH!)

The kitchen is big with the dining room behind me there.  Yes, that is the washing machine in the kitchen!

The bathroom is nice.  Our bedroom is huge with a small balcony that overlooks a fairly busy street.  I know you love the orange flowered pillows on the maroon bedspread!  This brown, green & yellow home is a little hard for this red & black girl!  The closets were a challenge, the small one I'm pointing to was not quiet enough for my clothes - so I took both of the closets in the wardrobe.  That left Elder Reese with the hall closet that he shares with the attic storage and the storage cabinets! 

This apartment is comfortable and really centrally located.  There is a grocery store right below us and our office is only a 7 minute walk away!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mission Home

This is a street view picture of the mission home.  It is in a nice part of the city and is 3 stories.  We are staying in the apartment on the bottom floor.
Our accommodations here are very nice.  We have a living room, 2 bathrooms, a large bedroom (with 2 bunk beds for when Elders come in) and here is my favorite room - the kitchen!
YES!!! Red floors!!!  They had just remodeled the room and I love it!  The next picture is Elder Reese hard at work in the living room with the door to the bedroom just beyond him.
The Mission President and his wife live mostly on the second floor with another apartment up on the third floor.  It is a lovely home and they are very accommodating hosts!

Friday, May 3, 2013

We made it!

After a whirlwind couple of weeks trying to get everything put together, we finally said all our goodbyes and got on the plane!  A BIG THANK YOU to all who helped!
We left on April 24th in the morning from the Sacramento airport.  We landed in Yerevan in the evening on the 25th and were greeted by the Mission President, his wife and the Eyres.  It was a happy reunion!
After stopping at Cinnabun for Elder Eyre's birthday - we went to the mission home, where we will be staying for the next 2 weeks.  We were able to go to bed and sleep well and when we awoke the next morning, we were right in sync with our new time.  We were very fortunate to not experience any jet lag!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's official !!!

We have recieved our official letter.  We are going to be serving as the office couple for the Armenia Yerevan Mission.  We will be leaving Sacremento on April 24 and going to Yerevan.  We will be serving for 18 months.