Sunday, August 25, 2013

Peach Jam

One thing we really love about Yerevan is all the fruit & veggie stands.  You can get organic fresh fruits and vegetables in their season at fabulous prices.  A couple of weeks ago I made some apricot jam - but only got a picture of the end product. (I also put in the nut from the seed of the apricot!)
It was YUMMY!
So several weeks later peaches hit there best time and we were able to buy peaches for about 25 cents a pound.  This time we took some pictures of the process.  E. Reese peals the peaches and I cut them up really small.  Then I add 2 cups of sugar and let it sit for half an hour.  Next I let it boil for almost 2 hours.
Here I am stirring it.

Next I put it in the jar that has been washed and boiled.  I wipe the jar clean.

Take the picture quick - this jar is REALLY HOT!!!  The lids are not the sealing kind, so we are storing the jam in the fridge.  We think it will last through the winter - it tastes really good on Elder Reese's Saturday morning pancakes!