Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Office

Everyday we take the 7 minute walk from our comfortable apartment to our office.  It is in this building that is owned by the church.  Inside are the Mission Offices, the District Offices and upstairs is the Arabkir Branch.
This is the Foyer to our Mission Offices.
 Elder Reese has a large desk.  Lots of things get left on it!  He is the 'go to guy' for everything here.
 He is responsible for the keys to everything!  On the right is the white board with pictures of every missionary and where they are serving.
 He is also responsible for all the mission money - makes him a very popular guy!

This is the reception side of my office - very tastefully decorated and comfortable.  The door behind me is to the Presidents office.  He conducts many interviews there.
 And this is where the work is done.  My computer skills have increased greatly - but it still takes me along time to get things done!
We leave the house everyday at 9:00.  We try to leave the office at 5 - but we rarely make it.  We also come most Saturdays to help with baptisms that are held here.  We go to the International Group on Sundays which is held upstairs.  So you see, we are here everyday of the week!

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  1. The keys look so neat and tidy with all their labels...too bad they haven't been kept up!
    Mom, when you work on your computer do you turn your chair to face it? I don't want you hurting your body...use good ergonomics!