Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Welcome to our new apartment

These are the 3 flights of stairs that bring you here to our front door - and help keep us in shape!  You are looking into our entry hall and through to our family room.
The family room has a BIG couch - lots of room for visitors!  Beyond the couch is our study.  It has a table for both computers, an exercise bike and a piano. (YEAH!)

The kitchen is big with the dining room behind me there.  Yes, that is the washing machine in the kitchen!

The bathroom is nice.  Our bedroom is huge with a small balcony that overlooks a fairly busy street.  I know you love the orange flowered pillows on the maroon bedspread!  This brown, green & yellow home is a little hard for this red & black girl!  The closets were a challenge, the small one I'm pointing to was not quiet enough for my clothes - so I took both of the closets in the wardrobe.  That left Elder Reese with the hall closet that he shares with the attic storage and the storage cabinets! 

This apartment is comfortable and really centrally located.  There is a grocery store right below us and our office is only a 7 minute walk away!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mission Home

This is a street view picture of the mission home.  It is in a nice part of the city and is 3 stories.  We are staying in the apartment on the bottom floor.
Our accommodations here are very nice.  We have a living room, 2 bathrooms, a large bedroom (with 2 bunk beds for when Elders come in) and here is my favorite room - the kitchen!
YES!!! Red floors!!!  They had just remodeled the room and I love it!  The next picture is Elder Reese hard at work in the living room with the door to the bedroom just beyond him.
The Mission President and his wife live mostly on the second floor with another apartment up on the third floor.  It is a lovely home and they are very accommodating hosts!

Friday, May 3, 2013

We made it!

After a whirlwind couple of weeks trying to get everything put together, we finally said all our goodbyes and got on the plane!  A BIG THANK YOU to all who helped!
We left on April 24th in the morning from the Sacramento airport.  We landed in Yerevan in the evening on the 25th and were greeted by the Mission President, his wife and the Eyres.  It was a happy reunion!
After stopping at Cinnabun for Elder Eyre's birthday - we went to the mission home, where we will be staying for the next 2 weeks.  We were able to go to bed and sleep well and when we awoke the next morning, we were right in sync with our new time.  We were very fortunate to not experience any jet lag!!!