Sunday, July 14, 2013

saying Good-bye

President and Sister Carter have been serving in Armenia for 3 years.  They were the Mission President and wife for us when we came to serve in Georgia almost 2 and a half years ago.  We have spent many hours with them over those years!  We have a great deal of love and respect for them.  We have lots of great memories of them.  On Sunday, June 30, we walked down to their home for a last good-bye.  We will really miss them!!!

Yerevan Armenia STAKE!!!

June 16th was an important day for Armenia.  Elder Nelson came to Yerevan and a new Stake was organized.  Many people have been working hard to make this happen.  It is amazing and we are so happy to have been here for this historic event.  The District Conference was held at the Marriott Hotel.  Elder & Sister Nelson, President & Sister Malm and President and Sister Carter were there as they made it a Stake Conference!  It was very exciting.  They also formed 5 wards and sustained Bishoprics for them.  Another milestone was that a Stake Patriarch was called. 
This was the choir practicing beforehand.  During his talk Elder Nelson asked all the children to stand.  Then he asked if they would sing him a song.  They were so excited and they all hurried up to stand in front of the choir.  Elder Nelson and his wife came down in the audience to see them and they stood right next to me.  The kids sang I Am a Child of God - it was very touching.

This picture was taken from the front before the meeting.  I sat in that empty chair 3 rows back on the isle there on the left.  It was the perfect seat and I had a great view of the stand.  It was fun to watch Elder and Sister Nelson as they looked out at the audience.

Elder Reese was in charge of the translation equipment.  He sat in the back and handed them out.
After the conference the missionaries had a fun lunch at the church building close by.  Then we came back to the Marriott and met with Elder Nelson in a smaller room.  We all got to shake hands with him and his wife, Pres. Malm and his wife and Pres. Carter and his wife.  They each them spoke to us and we ended with Elder Nelson conducting a question and answer session.  What a sweet experience to be taught by an Apostle of the Lord.
Front row is the new Stake Presidency, back row Pres. Carter, Pres. Malm, Elder Nelson and Elder Manasiyan.