Sunday, September 1, 2013


We finally had a p-day with nothing to do, so we put on our jeans and went for a walk! We ended up at the Cascades.  It is a museum built on a hillside.  There are steps on both sides with about 6 different levels. We started up at the top and went inside.
The top level is all about the crystals.  They were hanging in nets all around.

 We took the escalator down to the next level.  Here you can see the levels going down.
On this level we got in an elevator that took us down to a small museum that had modern paintings by an Armenian Artist.  We took the elevator back up. 
We stepped out a side door to find some water falls, ponds and beautiful artwork.  Each level has this type of garden setting.
We continued to the bottom, stopping at each level to check out the different artworks inside and outside.  It ended with a long park with lots of fun statues and artwork.  It was a hot day so we did have to try the ice cream cones!  On the way home we had just crossed a busy intersection when we heard a loud crash - a taxi had hit a van.  No one was hurt - but they drive crazy here!!!




  1. Sounds like a neat museum. Why are the crystals glowing? Why do they have them displayed that way?
    Ice cream looks good too! Glad you had a "real" P-day and were able to do something fun.

  2. Love the hat Dad! I was wondering the same thing about the crystals glowing. It looks really cool!!