Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's official !!!

We have recieved our official letter.  We are going to be serving as the office couple for the Armenia Yerevan Mission.  We will be leaving Sacremento on April 24 and going to Yerevan.  We will be serving for 18 months.


  1. Boo! I found you! I want you to know that although I will miss you terribly, I'm so excited for you. You are such a wonderful example to our family. I love you both for being willing to serve where you are needed. Congratulations on the "official" call.

  2. Somebody asked me if you had time to get an official letter. I didn't know. Now I do! I want to ditto Marcy. You are a great example for our family. My kids want to serve because Ben and you guys did! Miss you and love you and can't wait to see more pictures.